Is that all there is to it?

Well, there are a few more details to work out, but @ this point you should just come down here and check it out for yourself! We can go over the details then! :-)

mySTUDIO is a shared-space art studio located in the heart of Midtown on J Street at 24th. Artists rent studio space, get a key and can use the space 24/7 as their working art studio.  Tenants have access to all of the open studio equipment, including pottery wheels and tools, huge tables, an enormous canvas drying rack, and a lot more! Tenants can display and sell their handmade art product in our shop, which is currently open 5 days a week. Every 2nd Saturday is an "Open-Studio" type event with significant foot traffic!

What we are most proud of, though, is the collaborative Energy of this space.

 Artists surrounded by artists.

What is this place and how does it work???

Tall Cabinet & Workbench


Well, don't be too sure. The Rent is just dependent on how much personal space you need for the storage of your things here.

Wow, that's cool! But there's no way I could afford studio space on J Street :( !

10 x 10 "cage"


Locker + open Shelf Space